TC's Logo


Aliases: TC, Owner.

Age: 20's

TC has been with Reality Dynasty since medcraft was around.


He is known to be very trustworthy and knows who to trust and who not to trust. When he says something: 90% of the time he is right and arguing will only make him prove his case by humiliating the other person. He has many years of experience dealing with Trolls and Griefers and has a rather abnormal approach to dealing with them, instead of simply banning them, he gives them a taste of their own medicine. This has lead to many griefers and trolls either changing their ways, or ragequitting. He has been known to take matters into his own hands on many occasions, usually for the benefit of the community. He has never done anything to harm the community (On purpose) While he is very serious with what he does, he has a rather playful side as well, often doing and saying things to makes others laugh or to stop a situation that would have spun out of control.


TC has made quite a few enemies over the years: 99% of them are simply butthurt trolls that couldn't get their way. A great example of one of these trolls was named MysticMoney. Mystic would steal items from people and then lie about it. TC, however, had the logs to prove his case, yet myst continued to lie. It escalated to the point where Myst was griefing a town and TC stepped in and took all of Mysts items, causing Myst's jimmies to rustle out of control, making them say things like 'ADMIN ABUSE' and threatening to report TC to the cyber police. Many lols were had. Until Uditore stepped in and banned myst for being a troll. Causing much sadness because TC was trying to teach a lesson.


Over the years, TC has made many many friends in the community

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